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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

to•geth•er*təˈgɛð ər(adv.)

  1. into or in one gathering, company, or body:

    Call the people together.

  2. into or in union, proximity, collision, etc., as two or more things:

    to sew things together.

  3. into relationship, agreement, etc., as two or more persons:

    to bring strangers together.

  4. considered collectively:

    to cost more than all the others together.

  5. (of a single thing) into a condition of compactness or coherence:

    to squeeze a thing together.

  6. at the same time; simultaneously.

  7. continuously; uninterruptedly:

    for days together.

  8. in cooperation; with united action; conjointly:

    to undertake a task together.

  9. with mutual action; reciprocally:

    conferring together.

  10. (adj.)Informal. emotionally stable and well organized:

    a very together person.

    Category: Status (usage)

* Usage: See altogether.

Origin of together:

bef. 900; var. of earlier togedere, togadere, OE tōgædere, c. OFris togadera


Princeton's WordNet

  1. togetherness(noun)

    affectionate closeness

    "togetherness is the new wonder ingredient in marriage"


  1. togetherness(Noun)

    The state or quality of being together.

  2. togetherness(Noun)

    The result or product of being together.


  1. Togetherness

    Togetherness is the feeling of being close to another person emotionally and physically. It is an emotion which cannot be definitive outside of its current sociological meaning, and the reality of such a term is not "knowledge." It is well symbolized by the gesture of holding both hands up, slightly cupped with palms facing each other, and moving them together to create a circle. The other symbol is also when two arms hold each other at the wrist.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the state of being close together

Their evenings round the fire gave them a feeling of togetherness.

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