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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a unit of weight, equivalent to 2000 pounds (0.907 metric ton) avoirdupois

    Category: Weights and Measures

    Ref: ( short ton ); ( long ton )

  2. Category: Weights and Measures

    Ref: Also called freight ton .

  3. Category: Weights and Measures

    Ref: metric ton.

  4. Category: Weights and Measures, Navy

    Ref: displacement ton.

  5. a unit of volume used in transportation by sea, commonly equal to 40 cubic feet (1.13 cu. m).

    Category: Weights and Measures, Navy

  6. a unit of internal capacity of ships, equal to 100 cubic feet (2.83 cu. m)

    Category: Weights and Measures, Navy

    Ref: ( register ton ).

  7. Often, tons. a great quantity; a lot:

    a ton of jokes.

    Category: Informal

Origin of ton:

1350–1400; ME; var. of tun


  1. high fashion; stylishness.

    Category: Foreign Term

  2. the current fashion, style, or vogue.

    Category: Foreign Term

* (Fr.n ),(Fr.n )..

Origin of ton:

1755–65; < F < L tonustone


  1. a suffix formerly used to form nouns from adjectives:

    simpleton; singleton.

    Category: Affix

Origin of -ton:

var. of dial. toneone (see tother )

Princeton's WordNet

  1. short ton, ton, net ton(noun)

    a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds

  2. long ton, ton, gross ton(noun)

    a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. ton(noun)ˈʌn

    a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds or 907 kilograms

    2 tons of cement

  2. tonˈʌn

    to be very heavy

    These bags weigh a ton.

  3. tonˈʌn

    a lot of sth

    I have a ton of work to do.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ton

    pl. of Toe

  2. Ton(noun)

    the common tunny, or house mackerel

  3. Ton(noun)

    the prevailing fashion or mode; vogue; as, things of ton

  4. Ton(noun)

    a measure of weight or quantity

  5. Ton(noun)

    the weight of twenty hundredweight

  6. Ton(noun)

    forty cubic feet of space, being the unit of measurement of the burden, or carrying capacity, of a vessel; as a vessel of 300 tons burden

  7. Ton(noun)

    a certain weight or quantity of merchandise, with reference to transportation as freight; as, six hundred weight of ship bread in casks, seven hundred weight in bags, eight hundred weight in bulk; ten bushels of potatoes; eight sacks, or ten barrels, of flour; forty cubic feet of rough, or fifty cubic feet of hewn, timber, etc


  1. Ton

    The ton is a unit of measure. It has a long history and has acquired a number of meanings and uses over the years. It is used principally as a unit of weight, and as a unit of volume. It can also be used as a measure of energy, for truck classification, or as a colloquial term. It is derived from the tun, the term applied to a barrel of the largest size. This could contain a volume between 210 and 256 gallons, which could weigh around 2,000 pounds and occupy some 60 cubic feet of space. In the United Kingdom the ton is defined as 2,240 pounds. From 1965 the UK embarked upon a programme of metrication and gradually introduced metric units, including the tonne, a non-SI metric unit defined as 1000 kg. The UK Weights and Measures Act 1985 explicitly excluded from use for trade many units and terms, including the ton and the term "metric ton" for "tonne" In the United States and formerly Canada a ton is defined to be 2,000 pounds. Where confusion is possible, the 2240 lb ton is called "long ton" and the 2000 lb ton "short ton"; the tonne is distinguished by its spelling, but usually pronounced the same as ton, hence the US term "metric ton". In the UK the final "e" of "tonne" can also be pronounced, or "metric ton" when it is necessary to make the distinction.³¹

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'TON' in Nouns Frequency: #2129

Anagrams of TON

  1. Ont

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a unit of weight, 2,240 lb, (American) 2,000 lb; a metric ton (also tonne

It weighs a ton and a half; a three-ton weight.

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