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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scrub•berˈskrʌb ər(n.)

  1. a machine or appliance used in scrubbing.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  2. a device for removing pollutants from smoke produced by burning high-sulfur fuels.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Chemistry

  3. a person who scrubs.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. scrubber(noun)

    a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface (usually a floor or deck)

  2. scrub brush, scrubbing brush, scrubber(noun)

    a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning

  3. scrubber(noun)

    a purifier that removes impurities from a gas


  1. scrubber(Noun)

    A person or appliance that cleans floors etc by scrubbing

  2. scrubber(Noun)

    A device that removes impurities from gases

  3. scrubber(Noun)

    A prostitute, or a slovenly woman

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scrubber(noun)

    one who, or that which, scrubs; esp., a brush used in scrubbing

  2. Scrubber(noun)

    a gas washer. See under Gas


  1. Scrubber

    Scrubber systems are a diverse group of air pollution control devices that can be used to remove some particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. The first air scrubber was designed to remove carbon dioxide from the air of an early submarine, the Ictineo I, a role which they continue to be used for to this day. Traditionally, the term "scrubber" has referred to pollution control devices that use liquid to wash unwanted pollutants from a gas stream. Recently, the term is also used to describe systems that inject a dry reagent or slurry into a dirty exhaust stream to "wash out" acid gases. Scrubbers are one of the primary devices that control gaseous emissions, especially acid gases. Scrubbers can also be used for heat recovery from hot gases by flue-gas condensation. There are several methods to remove toxic or corrosive compounds from exhaust gas and neutralize it.

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