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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scho•las•ticskəˈlæs tɪk(adj.)scho•las′ti•cal.

  1. of or pertaining to schools, scholars, or education.

    Category: Education

  2. of or pertaining to secondary schools.

    Category: Education

  3. pedantic.

  4. (n.)(sometimes cap.) an adherent of scholasticism.

    Category: Education

  5. a pedantic person.

    Category: Education

Origin of scholastic:

1590–1600; < L scholasticus < Gk scholastikós studious, learned, der. of scholázein to be at leisure to study. See school1, -tic


Princeton's WordNet

  1. pedant, bookworm, scholastic(noun)

    a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

  2. Scholastic(adj)

    a Scholastic philosopher or theologian

  3. scholastic(adj)

    of or relating to schools

    "scholastic year"

  4. scholastic(adj)

    of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of scholasticism

    "scholastic philosophy"


  1. scholastic(Noun)

    a philosopher who works within the tradition of scholasticism

  2. scholastic(Adjective)

    relating to school; academic

  3. scholastic(Adjective)

    relating to the philosophical tradition or school of scholasticism

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scholastic(adj)

    pertaining to, or suiting, a scholar, a school, or schools; scholarlike; as, scholastic manners or pride; scholastic learning

  2. Scholastic(adj)

    of or pertaining to the schoolmen and divines of the Middle Ages (see Schoolman); as, scholastic divinity or theology; scholastic philosophy

  3. Scholastic(adj)

    hence, characterized by excessive subtilty, or needlessly minute subdivisions; pedantic; formal

  4. Scholastic(noun)

    one who adheres to the method or subtilties of the schools

  5. Scholastic(noun)

    see the Note under Jesuit


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