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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rig(noun)

    gear (including necessary machinery) for a particular enterprise

  2. trailer truck, tractor trailer, trucking rig, rig, articulated lorry, semi(noun)

    a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together

  3. rig, rigging(noun)

    formation of masts, spars, sails, etc., on a vessel

  4. outfit, getup, rig, turnout(noun)

    a set of clothing (with accessories)

    "his getup was exceedingly elegant"

  5. fishing gear, tackle, fishing tackle, fishing rig, rig(noun)

    gear used in fishing

  6. carriage, equipage, rig(noun)

    a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses

  7. swindle, cheat, rig(verb)

    the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme

    "that book is a fraud"

  8. rig, set up(verb)

    arrange the outcome of by means of deceit

    "rig an election"

  9. rig, manipulate(verb)

    manipulate in a fraudulent manner

    "rig prices"

  10. rig(verb)

    connect or secure to

    "They rigged the bomb to the ignition"

  11. rig, set, set up(verb)

    equip with sails or masts

    "rig a ship"


  1. rig(Noun)

    The rigging of a sailing ship or other such craft.

  2. rig(Noun)

    Special equipment or gear used for a particular purpose.

  3. rig(Noun)

    A large truck such as a semi-tractor.

  4. rig(Noun)

    The special apparatus used for drilling wells.

  5. rig(Noun)

    A costume or an outfit.

  6. rig(Noun)

    Computer case, often modified for looks.

  7. rig(Noun)

    An imperfectly castrated horse, sheep etc.

  8. rig(Noun)

    A Citizens' band radio.

  9. rig(Verb)

    To fit out with a harness or other equipment.

  10. rig(Verb)

    To equip and fit a ship with sails, shrouds, and yards.

  11. rig(Verb)

    To dress or clothe in some costume.

  12. rig(Verb)

    To make or construct something in haste or in a makeshift manner.

  13. rig(Verb)

    To manipulate something dishonestly for personal gain or discriminatory purposes.

    to rig an election

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rig(noun)

    a ridge

  2. Rig(verb)

    to furnish with apparatus or gear; to fit with tackling

  3. Rig(verb)

    to dress; to equip; to clothe, especially in an odd or fanciful manner; -- commonly followed by out

  4. Rig(noun)

    the peculiar fitting in shape, number, and arrangement of sails and masts, by which different types of vessels are distinguished; as, schooner rig, ship rig, etc. See Illustration in Appendix

  5. Rig(noun)

    dress; esp., odd or fanciful clothing

  6. Rig(noun)

    a romp; a wanton; one given to unbecoming conduct

  7. Rig(noun)

    a sportive or unbecoming trick; a frolic

  8. Rig(noun)

    a blast of wind

  9. Rig(verb)

    to play the wanton; to act in an unbecoming manner; to play tricks

  10. Rig(verb)

    to make free with; hence, to steal; to pilfer

  11. Origin: [See Ridge.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rig

    rig, v.t. to clothe, to dress: to put on: to equip: (naut.) to fit with sails and tackling:—pr.p. rig′ging; pa.t. and pa.p. rigged.—n. sails and tackling: an equipage, or turn-out, for driving, &c.: fishing-tackle: (coll.) costume, dress.—ns. Rig′ger, one who rigs or dresses: in machinery, a large cylindrical pulley, or narrow drum; Rig′ging, tackle: the system of cordage which supports a ship's masts and extends the sails: the roof; Rig′ging-loft, the place in a theatre from which the scenery is raised; Rig′ging-screw, a machine formed of a clamp worked by a screw; Rig′ging-tree, a roof-tree; Rig′-out, an outfit.—Rig out, to furnish with complete dress, &c.; Rig the market, to raise or lower prices artificially. [Scand.; Norw. rigga, to bandage, to put on sails, rigg, rigging.]

  2. Rig

    rig, n. (Scot.) a ridge: a path. [Ridge.]

  3. Rig

    rig, n. a frolic, trick: (obs.) a wanton.—v.i. to romp, act the wanton.—adj. Rig′gish (Shak.), wanton, lewd.—n. Rig′gite, one who plays rigs, a jester.—Run a rig, to play a trick; Run the rig upon, to play a trick upon. [Prob. wriggle.]

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Anagrams for Rig »

  1. G.R.I., GRI, IrG


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Rig in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Rig in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jason Collins:

    If you're training to work on an oil rig, it's much safer to have that experience in the virtual world rather than the North Sea, as well as saving you time and materials.

  2. Daniel Ang:

    If prices do continue to fall and persist for a long time ... oil rig developments could be re-evaluated if the cost for extraction continues to exceed the cost per barrel.

  3. Kari Somme:

    It's just wonderful, just wonderful. I was so excited because I didn't know much about it. So when I came here and we went from rig to rig, or platform to platform, I was amazed.

  4. Donald Trump:

    When the people who control the political power in our society can rig investigations like [Clinton’s] investigation was rigged, can rig polls -- you see these phony polls -- and rig the media, they can wield absolute power over your life, your economy and your country and benefit big time by it.

  5. Daniel Ang:

    Oil-exporting countries such as Malaysia may have diminished government revenues from falling energy prices and this could exacerbate their debt issues, if prices do continue to fall and persist for a long time ... oil rig developments could be re-evaluated if the cost for extraction continues to exceed the cost per barrel.

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Translations for Rig

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • تلاعبArabic
  • aparellCatalan, Valencian
  • Bohrturm, Vorrichtung, manipulieren, Anlage, Bohrinsel, Sattelschlepper, Takelung, Ausrüstung, Aufmachung, Takelage, auftakelnGerman
  • εξοπλισμόςGreek
  • aparejar, manipular, aparejo, trucarSpanish
  • takila, öljynporaustorni, lavastaa, sumplia, takiloida, laitteisto, rikiFinnish
  • habiller quelqu'un, grééments, tenue, bâcler, foreuse, gréer un bateau, truquer, se cuirasser, costumeFrench
  • riogaScottish Gaelic
  • सामानHindi
  • attrezzare, apparecchiatura, attrezzaturaItalian
  • リグJapanese
  • vervalsen, harnassen, ineenflansen, iemand aankleden, een schip optuigenDutch
  • установка, такелаж, снаряжение, фальсифицировать, снаряжать, костюм, оснастка, буровая вышкаRussian
  • riggaSwedish

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