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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ro•torˈroʊ tər(n.)

  1. a rotating member of a mechanical or electrical device, as in an electric motor or distributor.

    Category: Electricity and Magnetism, Machinery

    Ref: Compare stator . 1

  2. a system of rotating airfoils, as the horizontal ones of a helicopter or of the compressor of a jet engine.

    Category: Aeronautics

Origin of rotor:

1873; short for rotator

Princeton's WordNet

  1. rotor, rotor coil(noun)

    the rotating armature of a motor or generator

  2. rotor(noun)

    the revolving bar of a distributor

  3. rotor(noun)

    rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils

    "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"


  1. rotor(Noun)

    A rotating part of a mechanical device, for example in an electric motor, generator, alternator or pump.

  2. rotor(Noun)

    The wing of a helicopter or similar aircraft


  1. ROTOR

    ROTOR was a huge and elaborate air defence radar system built by the British Government in the early 1950s to counter possible attack by Soviet bombers. The system was built up primarily of war-era radar systems, and was used only briefly before being eventually replaced by the more modern Linesman/Mediator system.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the rotating part of an engine, especially the blades of a helicopter.

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