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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a formal ceremony or procedure prescribed or customary in religious or other solemn use.

    Category: Religion

  2. a particular form or system of religious or ceremonial practice:

    the Scottish rite in Freemasonry.

    Category: Religion

  3. (sometimes cap.) a liturgy or liturgical system: the Byzantine rite.

    Category: Religion

  4. (sometimes cap.) a division of a Christian church based on differences in liturgical practice.

    Category: Religion

  5. any customary observance or practice.

Origin of rite:

1275–1325; ME (< OF rit(e)) < L rītus

Princeton's WordNet

  1. rite, religious rite(noun)

    an established ceremony prescribed by a religion

    "the rite of baptism"

  2. ritual, rite(noun)

    any customary observance or practice


  1. rite(Noun)

    A religious custom.

  2. Origin: Via and , from ritus

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rite(noun)

    the act of performing divine or solemn service, as established by law, precept, or custom; a formal act of religion or other solemn duty; a solemn observance; a ceremony; as, the rites of freemasonry


  1. Rite

    A rite is an established, ceremonious, usually religious act. Rites in this sense fall into three major categories: ⁕rites of passage, generally changing an individual's social status, such as marriage, baptism, or graduation. ⁕rites of worship, where a community comes together to worship, such as Jewish synagogue or Mass ⁕rites of personal devotion, where an individual worships, including prayer and pilgrimages such as the Muslim Hajj.

Anagrams of RITE

  1. tire

  2. Teri

  3. trie

  4. tier

  5. REIT

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a solemn ceremony, especially a religious one

marriage rites.

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