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  1. prince(noun)

    a male member of a royal family other than the sovereign (especially the son of a sovereign)

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  1. prince(Noun)

    A (male) ruler, a sovereign; a king, monarch.

  2. prince(Noun)

    Someone who is preeminent in their field; a great person.

    He is a prince among men.

  3. prince(Noun)

    The (male) ruler or head of a principality.

  4. prince(Noun)

    A male member of a royal family other than the ruler; especially (in the United Kingdom) the son or grandson of the monarch.

  5. prince(Noun)

    A common name of the mushroom Agaricus augustus.

  6. prince(Noun)

    A type of court card used in Tarot cards, the equivalent to the Jack.

  7. Prince(ProperNoun)

    The title of a prince.

  8. Prince(ProperNoun)

    A surname for someone who acted like a prince, or played the part in a pageant, or served in the household of a prince.

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  1. Prince(adj)

    the one of highest rank; one holding the highest place and authority; a sovereign; a monarch; -- originally applied to either sex, but now rarely applied to a female

  2. Prince(adj)

    the son of a king or emperor, or the issue of a royal family; as, princes of the blood

  3. Prince(adj)

    a title belonging to persons of high rank, differing in different countries. In England it belongs to dukes, marquises, and earls, but is given to members of the royal family only. In Italy a prince is inferior to a duke as a member of a particular order of nobility; in Spain he is always one of the royal family

  4. Prince(adj)

    the chief of any body of men; one at the head of a class or profession; one who is preeminent; as, a merchant prince; a prince of players

  5. Prince(verb)

    to play the prince

  6. Origin: [F., from L. princeps, -cipis, the first, chief; primus first + capere to take. See Prime, a., and Capacious.]

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  1. Prince

    Prince is a general term for a ruler, monarch, or member of a monarch's or former monarch's family, and it is a hereditary title in the nobility of some European states. The feminine equivalent is a princess. The English word derives, via the French word prince, from the Latin noun princeps, from primus + capio, meaning "the chief, most distinguished, ruler, prince".

British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Prince' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1716

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Prince' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3945

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Prince' in Nouns Frequency: #724

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