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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pe•riph•er•alpəˈrɪf ər əl(adj.)

  1. pertaining to or constituting the periphery.

  2. concerned with the minor or superficial aspects of a question.

  3. Anat. near the surface or outside of; external.

    Category: Anatomy

  4. of or pertaining to a computer peripheral.

    Category: Computers

  5. (n.)an external hardware device, as a keyboard, printer, or tape drive, connected to a computer's CPU.

    Category: Computers

Origin of peripheral:

1800–10; < Gk peripher(ḗs) (see periphery ) + -al1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. peripheral, computer peripheral, peripheral device(adj)

    (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer

    "disk drives and printers are important peripherals"

  2. peripheral(adj)

    on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area

    "Russia's peripheral provinces"; "peripheral suburbs"

  3. peripheral(adj)

    related to the key issue but not of central importance

    "a peripheral interest"; "energy is far from a peripheral issue in the economy"; "peripheral issues"


  1. peripheral(Noun)

    a device, such as a printer or scanner, connected to a computer

  2. peripheral(Adjective)

    on the periphery or boundary

  3. peripheral(Adjective)

    beside the point

  4. peripheral(Adjective)


  5. peripheral(Adjective)


  6. peripheral(Adjective)

    a part of or located in the peripheral nervous system

  7. Origin: From peripher-y + -al

Webster Dictionary

  1. Peripheral(adj)

    of or pertaining to a periphery; constituting a periphery; peripheric

  2. Peripheral(adj)

    external; away from the center; as, the peripheral portion of the nervous system


  1. Peripheral

    A peripheral is a device that is connected to a host computer, but not part of it. It expands the host's capabilities but does not form part of the core computer architecture. It is often, but not always, partially or completely dependent on the host. There are three different types of peripherals: ⁕Input, used to interact with, or send data to the computer ⁕Output, which provides output to the user from the computer ⁕Storage, which stores data processed by the computer

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