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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Hell, perdition, Inferno, infernal region, nether region, pit(noun)

    (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment

    "Hurl'd headlong...To bottomless perdition, there to dwell"- John Milton; "a demon from the depths of the pit"; "Hell is paved with good intentions"-Dr. Johnson


  1. perdition(Noun)

    eternal damnation

  2. perdition(Noun)


  3. perdition(Noun)

    absolute ruin

  4. Origin: From perdiciun, from perditio, from perdo

Webster Dictionary

  1. Perdition(noun)

    entire loss; utter destruction; ruin; esp., the utter loss of the soul, or of final happiness in a future state; future misery or eternal death

  2. Perdition(noun)

    loss of diminution


  1. Perdition

    Perdition is a 1987 stage play by Jim Allen. It deals with a libel action in Israel a few years after the Second World War, which looks into alleged collaboration during the War between the leadership of the Zionist movement in Hungary and the Nazis. It led to some controversy when a production directed by Ken Loach for the Royal Court Theatre in London was cancelled in January 1987 only thirty-six before the first performance. More recently, the actor Tam Dean Burn has been involved in organising readings. It was performed at the Gate Theatre in London in 1999. Perfidy, by Ben Hecht, also covered the Kastner trial, and is from where the play drew its title.

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