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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pa•rolepəˈroʊl(n.; v.; adj.)-roled, -rol•ing

  1. (n.)the conditional release of a person from prison prior to the end of the sentence imposed.

    Category: Law

  2. the promise of a prisoner of war not to take up arms again if released or to abide by other conditions. a password given by authorized personnel in passing a guard.

    Category: Military

  3. word of honor given or pledged.

  4. (v.t.)to place or release on parole.

    Category: Law

  5. (adj.)pertaining to parole or parolees:

    a parole violation.

    Category: Law

Origin of parole:

1610–20; < MF, short for parole d'honneur word of honor. See parol



  1. language as manifested in the actual utterances produced by speakers of a language

    Category: Language/Linguistics, Foreign Term

    Ref: (contrasted with langue ).

* French..

Princeton's WordNet

  1. parole, word, word of honor(noun)

    a promise

    "he gave his word"

  2. password, watchword, word, parole, countersign(noun)

    a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

    "he forgot the password"

  3. parole(verb)

    (law) a conditional release from imprisonment that entitles the person to serve the remainder of the sentence outside the prison as long as the terms of release are complied with

  4. parole(verb)

    release a criminal from detention and place him on parole

    "The prisoner was paroled after serving 10 years in prison"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. parole(noun)əˈroʊl

    the rules a prisoner who is released from jail must obey

    He'll be on parole for at least six months.

  2. parole(verb)əˈroʊl

    to award parole to a prisoner


  1. parole(Noun)

    The release or state of a former prisoner on the understanding that he/she checks in regularly and obeys the law.

  2. parole(Noun)

    The amount of time a former prisoner spends on limited release.

  3. parole(Noun)

    A word of honor, especially given by a prisoner of war, to not engage in combat if released.

  4. parole(Noun)

    Language in use, as opposed to language as a system.

  5. parole(Noun)

    The permission for foreigner who does not meet the technical requirements for a visa to be allowed to enter the U.S. on humanitarian grounds.

  6. parole(Verb)

    To release (a prisoner) on the understanding that s/he checks in regularly and obeys the law.

  7. Origin: From parole, from parabola

Webster Dictionary

  1. Parole(noun)

    a word; an oral utterance

  2. Parole(noun)

    word of promise; word of honor; plighted faith; especially (Mil.), promise, upon one's faith and honor, to fulfill stated conditions, as not to bear arms against one's captors, to return to custody, or the like

  3. Parole(noun)

    a watchword given only to officers of guards; -- distinguished from countersign, which is given to all guards

  4. Parole(noun)

    oral declaration. See lst Parol, 2

  5. Parole(adj)

    see 2d Parol

  6. Parole(verb)

    to set at liberty on parole; as, to parole prisoners


  1. Parole

    Parole is the provisional release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions prior to the completion of the maximum sentence period. Originating from the French parole, the term became associated during the Middle Ages with the release of prisoners who gave their word.

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(the act of) saying words, or the ability to say words

Speech is one method of communication between people.

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