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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a superstructure at the stern of a vessel.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  2. Category: Nautical, Navy

    Ref: poop deck.

  3. (v.t.)(of a wave) to break over the stern of (a ship).

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  4. to take (seas) over the stern.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

Origin of poop:

1375–1425; pouppe < MF < L puppis stern


  1. to cause to become out of breath or exhausted:

    pooped after the long hike.

    Category: Status (usage)

  2. poop out, to become exhausted. to give up or cease to participate. to break down; stop functioning.

    Category: Verb Phrase

* Informal..

Origin of poop:

1885–90; perh. to be identified with poop4


  1. a candid or pertinent factual report; low-down.

    Category: Status (usage)

* Slang..

Origin of poop:

1945–50; appar. extracted from poop sheet fact sheet; cf. poop4


  1. feces; excrement.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  2. (v.i.)to defecate.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

* Slang..

Origin of poop:

1735–45; earlier “to break wind,” prob. the same word as ME powpen, popen to sound or blow a horn; uncert. if poop2, poop3 are sense developments or parallel expressive coinages


  1. a nincompoop.

    Category: Status (usage)

* Slang..

Origin of poop:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. crap, dirt, shit, shite, poop, turd(noun)

    obscene terms for feces

  2. nincompoop, poop, ninny(noun)

    a stupid foolish person

  3. dope, poop, the skinny, low-down(noun)

    slang terms for inside information

    "is that the straight dope?"

  4. stern, after part, quarter, poop, tail(noun)

    the rear part of a ship

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. poop(noun)pup

    solid waste from your body

    owners who let dogs poop on the sidewalk

Webster Dictionary

  1. Poop(noun)

    see 2d Poppy

  2. Poop(verb)

    to make a noise; to pop; also, to break wind

  3. Poop(noun)

    a deck raised above the after part of a vessel; the hindmost or after part of a vessel's hull; also, a cabin covered by such a deck. See Poop deck, under Deck. See also Roundhouse

  4. Poop(verb)

    to break over the poop or stern, as a wave

  5. Poop(verb)

    to strike in the stern, as by collision


  1. Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable

    Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable is a children's book about poop, written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Neal Layton.

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