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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pepeɪ(n.)(pl.)-pes or -pehs.

or peh

  1. the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

Origin of pe:

1895–1900; < Heb pē, akin to peh mouth


  1. price-earnings ratio.

    Category: Business


  1. physical education.

    Category: Titles, Associations, Organizations

  2. Prince Edward Island, Canada.


  3. printer's error.

    Category: Printing

  4. Statistics. probable error.

    Category: Statistics

Princeton's WordNet

  1. pe(noun)

    the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet


  1. pe(Noun)

    The seventeenth letter of many Semitic alphabets/abjads (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).

  2. Origin: From pay-.


  1. pe

    Hed PE, also known as Planet Earth and stylized as p.e., is an American rapcore band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 1994, the band performs a style of music which it refers to as "G-punk", a fusion of punk rock and Gangsta rap. After releasing three albums on Jive Records, Hed PE left the label to record independently, eventually signing with Suburban Noize Records in 2006. To date, they have released eight studio albums, one live album and two compilation albums.

Anagrams of PE

  1. ep , EP

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physical education.

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