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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fraction, or section:

    the rear part of the house.

  2. an essential or integral quality.

  3. a section or division of a literary work.

  4. a portion, member, or organ of an animal body.

  5. any of a number of quantities that compose a whole:

    two parts sugar to one part cocoa.

  6. an allotted portion; share.

  7. Usu., parts. a region, quarter, or district: an attribute establishing the possessor as a person of superior worth.

    a journey to foreign parts.

  8. either of the opposing sides in a contest, contractual agreement, etc.

  9. the dividing line formed in separating the hair of the head when combing it.

  10. a constituent piece of a machine or tool, esp. a replacement for the original piece.

    Category: Machinery

  11. the written or printed matter extracted from the score that a single performer or section uses in the performance of concerted music: a section or division of a composition.

    a horn part.

    Category: Music and Dance

  12. participation or concern in something; role.

  13. a person's contribution to some effort or action; duty.

  14. a role acted in a play or sustained in real life.

  15. (v.t.)to divide (a thing) into parts.

  16. to comb (the hair) away from a dividing line.

  17. to divide into shares; apportion.

  18. to put or keep apart; separate.

  19. Obs. to leave.

  20. (v.i.)to be or become divided into parts; break or cleave.

  21. to go apart from or leave one another, as persons.

  22. to break or become torn apart, as a cable.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  23. to depart.

  24. to die.

  25. part with, to relinquish.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  26. (adj.)partial; of a part:

    part owner.

  27. (adv.)in part; partly:

    part wool.

Idioms for part:

  1. in good part, to a great extent; largely.

    Category: Idiom

  2. in part,in some measure or degree.

    Category: Idiom

  3. on the part of, on behalf of; concerning. as done or manifested by:

    too much noise on the part of the class.

    Category: Idiom

  4. part and parcel,an essential, integral part.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of part:

bef. 1000; (n.) ME (< OF < L), OE < L part-, s. of pars piece, portion; (v.) ME < OF partir < L partīre, der. of pars


  1. participial.

    Category: Grammar

  2. participle.

    Category: Grammar

  3. particular.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. part, portion, component part, component, constituent(noun)

    something determined in relation to something that includes it

    "he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself"; "I read a portion of the manuscript"; "the smaller component is hard to reach"; "the animal constituent of plankton"

  2. part, portion(noun)

    something less than the whole of a human artifact

    "the rear part of the house"; "glue the two parts together"

  3. part, piece(noun)

    a portion of a natural object

    "they analyzed the river into three parts"; "he needed a piece of granite"

  4. part(noun)

    that which concerns a person with regard to a particular role or situation

    "it requires vigilance on our part"; "they resisted every effort on his part"

  5. region, part(noun)

    the extended spatial location of something

    "the farming regions of France"; "religions in all parts of the world"; "regions of outer space"

  6. function, office, part, role(noun)

    the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group

    "the function of a teacher"; "the government must do its part"; "play its role"

  7. character, role, theatrical role, part, persona(noun)

    an actor's portrayal of someone in a play

    "she played the part of Desdemona"

  8. share, portion, part, percentage(noun)

    assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group

    "he wanted his share in cash"

  9. part, section, division(noun)

    one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole

    "the written part of the exam"; "the finance section of the company"; "the BBC's engineering division"

  10. part, parting(noun)

    a line of scalp that can be seen when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions

    "his part was right in the middle"

  11. part, voice(noun)

    the melody carried by a particular voice or instrument in polyphonic music

    "he tried to sing the tenor part"

  12. contribution, part, share(verb)

    the part played by a person in bringing about a result

    "I am proud of my contribution in advancing the project"; "they all did their share of the work"

  13. separate, part, split(verb)

    go one's own way; move apart

    "The friends separated after the party"

  14. separate, part, split up, split, break, break up(verb)

    discontinue an association or relation; go different ways

    "The business partners broke over a tax question"; "The couple separated after 25 years of marriage"; "My friend and I split up"

  15. depart, part, start, start out, set forth, set off, set out, take off(verb)


    "The family took off for Florida"

  16. separate, divide, part(verb)

    come apart

    "The two pieces that we had glued separated"

  17. separate, disunite, divide, part(adverb)

    force, take, or pull apart

    "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"

  18. partially, partly, part(adverb)

    in part; in some degree; not wholly

    "I felt partly to blame"; "He was partially paralyzed"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. part(noun)ɑrt

    one section or piece of sth

    This part of the letter is difficult to understand.; Part of the train set is missing.; Which part of your job do you enjoy most?

  2. partɑrt

    indicates sb is uncertain about how they feel

    Part of me wants to forgive him.

  3. partɑrt

    an acting role in a play, movie, etc.

    She plays a leading part in the show.; the part of Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet"

  4. partɑrt

    how sb is involved or participates

    She felt guilty about the part she had played in his death.

  5. partɑrt

    to be involved in

    Thousands of runners take part in the marathon each year.

  6. partɑrt

    the line on your head where your hair separates

    a center/side part

  7. partɑrt


    He is, for the most part, a happy child.

  8. partɑrt

    ≠ wholly

    The problems we had were, in part, related to bad management.

  9. partɑrt

    done by or in relation to sb

    There was no animosity on her part.

  10. part(verb)ɑrt

    (of the two sides of sth) to move apart from each other

    The surgeon carefully parted the two sections of flesh.; The waters parted and they walked across the river.

  11. partɑrt

    (of two people) to leave one another

    two lovers crying as they part


  1. part(Noun)

    A fraction of a whole; a portion

    Gaul is divided into three parts.

  2. part(Noun)

    A distinct element or component

    The parts of a chainsaw include the chain, engine, and handle.

  3. part(Noun)

    A group inside a larger group

  4. part(Noun)

    duty; responsibility

    to do oneu2019s part

  5. part(Noun)

    share, especially of a profit

    I want my part of the bounty.

  6. part(Noun)

    Position or role (especially in a play)

    We all have a part to play.

  7. part(Noun)

    A unit of relative proportion in a mixture

    The mixture comprises one part sodium hydroxide and ten parts water.

  8. part(Noun)

    3.5 centiliters of one ingredient in a mixed drink

  9. part(Noun)

    A section of a document

    Please turn to Part I, Chapter 2.

  10. part(Verb)

    to leave

  11. part(Verb)

    to cut hair with a parting

  12. part(Verb)

    To divide in two.

    to part the curtains

  13. part(Verb)

    to be divided in two or separated

  14. part(Verb)

    to divide up; to share

  15. part(Verb)

    to leave (an IRC channel)

  16. part(Noun)

    The dividing line formed by combing the hair in different directions

    The part of his hair was slightly to the left.

  17. part(Noun)

    The melody played or sung by a particular instrument, voice, or group of instruments or voices, within a polyphonic piece

    The first violin part in this concerto is very challenging.

  18. part(Noun)

    In the Hebrew lunisolar calendar, a unit of time equivalent to 3u2153 seconds

  19. part(Noun)

    A section of land; an area of a country or other territory; region

  20. part(Noun)

    Each of two contrasting sides of an argument, debate etc.; "hand".

  21. part(Adverb)

    partly, partially, fractionally

  22. part(Adjective)

    fractional, partial

    Fred was part owner of the car.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Part(noun)

    one of the portions, equal or unequal, into which anything is divided, or regarded as divided; something less than a whole; a number, quantity, mass, or the like, regarded as going to make up, with others, a larger number, quantity, mass, etc., whether actually separate or not; a piece; a fragment; a fraction; a division; a member; a constituent

  2. Part(noun)

    an equal constituent portion; one of several or many like quantities, numbers, etc., into which anything is divided, or of which it is composed; proportional division or ingredient

  3. Part(noun)

    a constituent portion of a living or spiritual whole; a member; an organ; an essential element

  4. Part(noun)

    a constituent of character or capacity; quality; faculty; talent; -- usually in the plural with a collective sense

  5. Part(noun)

    quarter; region; district; -- usually in the plural

  6. Part(noun)

    such portion of any quantity, as when taken a certain number of times, will exactly make that quantity; as, 3 is a part of 12; -- the opposite of multiple. Also, a line or other element of a geometrical figure

  7. Part(noun)

    that which belongs to one, or which is assumed by one, or which falls to one, in a division or apportionment; share; portion; lot; interest; concern; duty; office

  8. Part(noun)

    one of the opposing parties or sides in a conflict or a controversy; a faction

  9. Part(noun)

    a particular character in a drama or a play; an assumed personification; also, the language, actions, and influence of a character or an actor in a play; or, figuratively, in real life. See To act a part, under Act

  10. Part(noun)

    one of the different melodies of a concerted composition, which heard in union compose its harmony; also, the music for each voice or instrument; as, the treble, tenor, or bass part; the violin part, etc

  11. Part(noun)

    to divide; to separate into distinct parts; to break into two or more parts or pieces; to sever

  12. Part(noun)

    to divide into shares; to divide and distribute; to allot; to apportion; to share

  13. Part(noun)

    to separate or disunite; to cause to go apart; to remove from contact or contiguity; to sunder

  14. Part(noun)

    hence: To hold apart; to stand between; to intervene betwixt, as combatants

  15. Part(noun)

    to separate by a process of extraction, elimination, or secretion; as, to part gold from silver

  16. Part(noun)

    to leave; to quit

  17. Part(verb)

    to be broken or divided into parts or pieces; to break; to become separated; to go asunder; as, rope parts; his hair parts in the middle

  18. Part(verb)

    to go away; to depart; to take leave; to quit each other; hence, to die; -- often with from

  19. Part(verb)

    to perform an act of parting; to relinquish a connection of any kind; -- followed by with or from

  20. Part(verb)

    to have a part or share; to partake

  21. Part(adverb)

    partly; in a measure

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'PART' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #157

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'PART' in Written Corpus Frequency: #296

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'PART' in Nouns Frequency: #16

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'PART' in Verbs Frequency: #931

Anagrams of PART

  1. prat, rapt, tarp, trap

  2. Tarp

Translations for PART

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something which, together with other things, makes a whole; a piece

We spent part of the time at home and part at the seaside.

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