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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

P, ppi(n.)(pl.)Ps; P's, ps; p's.

  1. the 16th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

  2. any spoken sound represented by this letter.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

  3. something shaped like aP.

  4. a written or printed representation of the letter P or



  1. Genetics. parental.

  2. (as a rating of student performance) passing.

    Category: Education

  3. Electronics. plate.

    Category: Electronics, Genetics

  4. Protestant.

    Category: Biochemistry, Religion


  1. the 16th in order or in a series.

  2. phosphorus.

  3. Physics. power. pressure. proton.

    Ref: poise2. 2

  4. proline.

* Symbol..


  1. penny; pence.

  2. Music. softly.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of p:

< It piano


  1. Category: Chemistry

    Ref: para-1 (def. 2). 3 1 2

* Chem..


  1. pastor.

    Category: Religion

  2. father.

    Category: Religion

  3. peseta.

    Category: Numismatics

  4. peso.

    Category: Numismatics

  5. post.

  6. president.

  7. priest.

    Category: Religion

  8. prince.

  9. progressive.

Origin of P.:



  1. page.

  2. part.

  3. participle.

    Category: Grammar

  4. past.

    Category: Grammar

  5. father.

    Category: Religion

  6. penny; pence.

  7. per.

  8. Gram. person.

    Category: Grammar

  9. peseta.

    Category: Numismatics

  10. peso.

    Category: Numismatics

  11. pint.

    Category: Weights and Measures

  12. pipe.

  13. Baseball. pitcher.

    Category: Sport

  14. pole.

  15. population.

  16. after.

Origin of p.:

< L pater]; [< L post

Princeton's WordNet

  1. phosphorus, P, atomic number 15(noun)

    a multivalent nonmetallic element of the nitrogen family that occurs commonly in inorganic phosphate rocks and as organic phosphates in all living cells; is highly reactive and occurs in several allotropic forms

  2. P, p(noun)

    the 16th letter of the Roman alphabet


  1. P(Noun)


  2. P(Noun)


  3. P


  4. P


  5. P


  6. P

    A "pure" form of an illegal drug, especially heroin.

  7. P(ProperNoun)

    The set of all problems that are solvable in polynomial time by a deterministic Turing machine

Webster Dictionary

  1. P

    the sixteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a nonvocal consonant whose form and value come from the Latin, into which language the letter was brought, through the ancient Greek, from the Phoenician, its probable origin being Egyptian. Etymologically P is most closely related to b, f, and v; as hobble, hopple; father, paternal; recipient, receive. See B, F, and M


  1. P

    P is the sixteenth letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'P' in Nouns Frequency: #262

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(written abbreviation)– plural pp – page(s)

Summarize pp 30; –32.

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