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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mile•ageˈmaɪ lɪdʒ(n.)

  1. the aggregate number of miles traveled in a given time.

  2. length, extent, or distance in miles.

    Category: Weights and Measures

  3. the average distance a vehicle can travel on a specified quantity of fuel.

  4. wear, use, or profit:

    to get good mileage out of an old coat.

  5. an allowance for traveling expenses at a fixed rate per mile.

Origin of mileage:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. mileage, milage(noun)

    distance measured in miles

  2. mileage, fuel consumption rate, gasoline mileage, gas mileage(noun)

    the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned

  3. mileage(noun)

    a travel allowance at a given rate per mile traveled

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. mileage(noun)ˈmaɪ lɪdʒ

    the amount of gasoline used for each mile driven in a vehicle

    Our new car gets much better mileage.

  2. mileageˈmaɪ lɪdʒ

    the distance a vehicle has driven measured in miles

    What's the mileage on your car?


  1. mileage(Noun)

    the total distance, in miles, travelled

  2. mileage(Noun)

    the number of miles travelled by a vehicle on a certain volume of fuel

  3. mileage(Noun)

    mileage allowance, an allowance for travel expenses at a specified rate per mile

  4. mileage(Noun)

    the amount of service that something has yielded or may yield in future

  5. mileage(Noun)

    something worth taking into consideration

    There's some mileage in your argument.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mileage(noun)

    an allowance for traveling expenses at a certain rate per mile

  2. Mileage(noun)

    aggregate length or distance in miles; esp., the sum of lengths of tracks or wires of a railroad company, telegraph company, etc


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