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  1. low frequency, LF(noun)

    30 to 300 kilohertz


  1. Logical framework

    In logic, a logical framework provides a means to define a logic as a signature in a higher-order type theory in such a way that provability of a formula in the original logic reduces to a type inhabitation problem in the framework type theory. This approach has been used successfully for automated theorem proving. The first logical framework was Automath; however, the name of the idea comes from the more widely known Edinburgh Logical Framework, LF. Several more recent proof tools like Isabelle are based on this idea. Unlike a direct embedding, the logical framework approach allows many logics to be embedded in the same type system. A logical framework is based on a general treatment of syntax, rules and proofs by means of a dependently typed lambda calculus. Syntax is treated in a style similar to, but more general than Per Martin-Löf's system of arities. To describe a logical framework, one must provide the following: A characterization of the class of object-logics to be represented; An appropriate meta-language; A characterization of the mechanism by which object-logics are represented. This is summarized by: ‘Framework = Language + Representation’.

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  1. fl. , FL

  2. FL

  3. Fl.

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