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  1. hic(Interjection)

    An approximation to the sound of a hiccup, used e.g. to indicate drunkenness.

    "This wine - hic! - tasted good."

  2. Origin: onomatopoeia


  1. HiC

    HiC is a C++ integrated development environment designed for use in introductory computer science courses. HiC supports a subset of C++. Pointers, operator overloading, bitwise operations, and other features of C++, are not included in the subset of C++ that is HiC. The result is that error messages can be more specific, providing more help to novice programmers. HiC is not a compiler, it does not create stand-alone executable programs. Instead HiC interprets the subset of C++ accepted by HiC.

Anagrams of HIC

  1. chi CIH, HCI, ich, Ich, ICH

  2. CIH

  3. HCI

  4. Ich

Translations for HIC

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


at any time

Nobody ever visits us; She hardly ever writes; Have you ever ridden on an elephant?; If I ever / If ever I see him again I shall get my revenge; better than ever; the brightest star they had ever seen.

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