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  1. gry(Noun)

    A small amount.

  2. gry(Noun)

    An hundredth of an inch in the decimal system of measurement devised by Locke.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gry(noun)

    a measure equal to one tenth of a line

  2. Gry(noun)

    anything very small, or of little value

  3. Origin: [Gr syllable, bit.]


  1. -gry

    The Gry Puzzle is a popular word puzzle that asks for the third English word, other than angry and hungry, that ends with the letters -gry, though precise phrasing varies significantly. Aside from words derived from angry and hungry, there is no common word ending in -gry in current usage; the puzzle thus lacks a conclusive answer. The puzzle is thus considered either as a hoax, a trick question, a sincere question for an obscure word, or a corruption of a more straightforward puzzle. Of these, countless trick question variants and obscure English words have been proposed. The lack of a conclusive answer has ensured the enduring popularity of the puzzle, and it has become one of the most frequently asked word puzzles. The ultimate origin and original form of the puzzle is unknown, but it was popularized in 1975, starting in the New York area, and has remained popular into the 21st century. Various similar puzzles exist, though these have straightforward answers. The most notable is "words ending in -dous", which has been popular since the 1880s.

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