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  1. gnu, wildebeest(noun)

    large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail

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  1. gnu(Noun)

    A large antelope native to Africa having curved horns.

  2. Origin: Coined 1983 by Richard M. Stallman as a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix", following convention of naming programs similar to or inspired by existing programs as “(New Name) Is Not (Old Name)”; compare .

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  1. Gnu(noun)

    one of two species of large South African antelopes of the genus Catoblephas, having a mane and bushy tail, and curved horns in both sexes

  2. Origin: [Hottentot gnu, or nju: cf. F. gnou.]

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  1. GNU

    GNU is a Unix-like computer operating system developed by the GNU Project. It is composed wholly of free software. It is based on the GNU Hurd kernel and is intended to be a "complete Unix-compatible software system" GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix!", chosen because GNU's design is Unix-like, but differs from Unix by being free software and containing no Unix code. Development of GNU was initiated by Richard Stallman in 1983 and was the original focus of the Free Software Foundation, but no stable release of GNU yet exists as of May 2013. Non-GNU kernels, most famously the Linux kernel, can also be used with GNU. Richard Stallman views GNU as a "technical means to a social end".

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  1. GNU

    1. [acronym: ‘GNU’s Not Unix!', see recursive acronym] A Unix-workalike development effort of the Free Software Foundation headed by Richard Stallman. GNU EMACS and the GNU C compiler, two tools designed for this project, have become very popular in hackerdom and elsewhere. The GNU project was designed partly to proselytize for RMS's position that information is community property and all software source should be shared. One of its slogans is “Help stamp out software hoarding!” Though this remains controversial (because it implicitly denies any right of designers to own, assign, and sell the results of their labors), many hackers who disagree with RMS have nevertheless cooperated to produce large amounts of high-quality software for free redistribution under the Free Software Foundation's imprimatur. The GNU project has a web page at See EMACS, copyleft, General Public Virus, Linux. 2. Noted Unix hacker John Gilmore <>}, founder of Usenet's anarchic alt.* hierarchy.

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  1. gun, nug

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