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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

flogflɒg, flɔg(v.t.)flogged, flog•ging.

  1. to beat with a whip, stick, etc., esp. as punishment.

  2. Slang. to sell, esp. aggressively or vigorously. to promote; publicize.

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Origin of flog:

1670–80; cf. flagellate


Princeton's WordNet

  1. flog, welt, whip, lather, lash, slash, strap, trounce(verb)

    beat severely with a whip or rod

    "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"

  2. cane, flog, lambaste, lambast(verb)

    beat with a cane


  1. flog(Verb)

    To whip or scourge someone or something as punishment.

  2. flog(Verb)

    To use something to extreme; to abuse.

  3. flog(Verb)

    To sell something.

  4. flog(Verb)

    To steal something.

  5. flog(Verb)

    To defeat easily or convincingly.

  6. flog(Verb)

    To exploit.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Flog(verb)

    to beat or strike with a rod or whip; to whip; to lash; to chastise with repeated blows

Anagrams of FLOG

  1. golf

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to beat; to whip

You will be flogged for stealing the money.

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