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  1. exa

    [SI] See quantifiers.


  1. Exa-

    Exa is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting 10¹⁸ or 1000000000000000000. It was added to the International System of Units in 1975, and has the unit symbol E. Exa comes from the Greek ἕξ, used as a prefix ἑξά-, meaning six, because it is equal to 1000⁶. Examples: The total storage needed by Google Mail as of April 2012, ignoring backups and compression, is more than an exabyte. 1 EeV = 10¹⁸ electronvolts = 0.1602 joule 1 exasecond is approximately 32 billion years 1 exametre is approximately 110 light years 0.43 Es ≈ the approximate age of the Universe 1.6 Em—172 ± 12.5 light years—Diameter of Omega Centauri

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