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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dum•my*ˈdʌm i(n.)(pl.)-mies

  1. (n.)an imitation, representation, or copy of something, as for use in a display:

    lipstick dummies made of colored plastic.

    Category: Informal

  2. a representation of a human figure, as for displaying clothes in store windows.

    Category: Status (usage)

  3. Informal. a stupid person; dolt.

  4. a person who has nothing to say or who takes no active part in affairs.

  5. one put forward to act for others while ostensibly acting for oneself.

  6. Older Slang. Offensive.a person who lacks the power of speech. a person who is characteristically and habitually silent.


  7. (in bridge) the declarer's partner, whose hand is exposed and played by the declarer. the hand of cards so exposed.

    Category: Games

  8. sheets folded and made up to show the size, shape, sequence, and style of a contemplated piece of printing.

    Category: Printing

  9. a nonexplosive bomb used for practice exercises.

    Category: Military

  10. (adj.)noting or pertaining to an imitation, representation, or copy.

  11. counterfeit; sham; fictitious.

  12. put forward to act for others while ostensibly acting for oneself.

  13. (v.t.)to prepare a printing dummy of (often fol. by up).

    Category: Printing

  14. to represent in a dummy (often fol. by in):

    to dummy in an illustration.

* Usage: See dumb.

Origin of dummy:

1590–1600; dumb+-y3

Princeton's WordNet

  1. dummy, silent person(noun)

    a person who does not talk

  2. dumbbell, dummy, dope, boob, booby, pinhead(noun)

    an ignorant or foolish person

  3. dummy(noun)

    a figure representing the human form

  4. blank, dummy, blank shell(adj)

    a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet

  5. dummy(verb)

    having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function

    "a dummy corporation"

  6. dummy, dummy up(verb)

    make a dummy of

    "dummy up the books that are to be published"


  1. dummy(Noun)

    A silent person; a person who does not talk.

  2. dummy(Noun)

    An unintelligent person.

    Don't be such a dummy!

  3. dummy(Noun)

    A figure of a person or animal used by a ventriloquist; a puppet.

  4. dummy(Noun)

    Something constructed with the size and form of a human, to be used in place of a person.

    To understand the effects of the accident, we dropped a dummy from the rooftop.

  5. dummy(Noun)

    A deliberately nonfunctional device or tool used in place of a functional one.

    The hammer and drill in the display are dummies.

  6. dummy(Noun)

    A pacifier.

    The baby wants her dummy.

  7. dummy(Noun)

    A player whose hand is shown and is to be played from by another player.

  8. dummy(Noun)

    A bodily gesture meant to fool an opposing player in sport; a feint.

  9. dummy(Noun)

    A word serving only to make a construction grammatical.

    The pronoun "it" in "It's a mystery why this happened" is a dummy.

  10. dummy(Verb)

    To make a mock-up or prototype version of something, without some or all off its intended functionality.

    The carpenters dummied up a set of simple props for the rehearsals.

  11. dummy(Verb)

    To feint

  12. dummy(Noun)

    An unused parameter or value.

    If is false, the other parameters are dummies.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dummy(adj)

    silent; mute; noiseless; as a dummy engine

  2. Dummy(adj)

    fictitious or sham; feigned; as, a dummy watch

  3. Dummy(noun)

    one who is dumb

  4. Dummy(noun)

    a sham package in a shop, or one which does not contain what its exterior indicates

  5. Dummy(noun)

    an imitation or copy of something, to be used as a substitute; a model; a lay figure; as, a figure on which clothing is exhibited in shop windows; a blank paper copy used to show the size of the future book, etc

  6. Dummy(noun)

    one who plays a merely nominal part in any action; a sham character

  7. Dummy(noun)

    a thick-witted person; a dolt

  8. Dummy(noun)

    a locomotive with condensing engines, and, hence, without the noise of escaping steam; also, a dummy car

  9. Dummy(noun)

    the fourth or exposed hand when three persons play at a four-handed game of cards

  10. Dummy(noun)

    a floating barge connected with a pier


  1. Dummy

    Dummy is the debut album of the Bristol-based group Portishead. Released in 22 August 1994 on Go! Discs, the album earned critical acclaim, winning the 1995 Mercury Music Prize. It is often credited with popularising the trip-hop genre and is frequently cited in lists of the best albums of the 1990s. Although it achieved modest chart success overseas, it peaked at No. 2 on the UK Album Chart and saw two of its three singles reach No. 13. The album was certified gold in 1997 and has sold two million copies in Europe. As of September 2011, the album was certified double-platinum in the United Kingdom and has sold as of September 2011 825,000 copies.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. dummy

    See decoy.

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an artificial substitute looking like the real thing

The packets of cigarettes on display were dummies.

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