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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dam, dike, dyke(noun)

    a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea

  2. decameter, dekameter, decametre, dekametre, dam, dkm(noun)

    a metric unit of length equal to ten meters

  3. dam(verb)

    female parent of an animal especially domestic livestock

  4. dam, dam up(verb)

    obstruct with, or as if with, a dam

    "dam the gorges of the Yangtse River"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dam(noun)

    a female parent; -- used of beasts, especially of quadrupeds; sometimes applied in contempt to a human mother

  2. Dam(noun)

    a kind or crowned piece in the game of draughts

  3. Dam(noun)

    a barrier to prevent the flow of a liquid; esp., a bank of earth, or wall of any kind, as of masonry or wood, built across a water course, to confine and keep back flowing water

  4. Dam(noun)

    a firebrick wall, or a stone, which forms the front of the hearth of a blast furnace

  5. Dam(verb)

    to obstruct or restrain the flow of, by a dam; to confine by constructing a dam, as a stream of water; -- generally used with in or up

  6. Dam(verb)

    to shut up; to stop up; to close; to restrain

  7. Origin: [OE. dame mistress, lady; also, mother, dam. See Dame.]


  1. Dam

    A dam is a barrier that impounds water or underground streams. Dams generally serve the primary purpose of retaining water, while other structures such as floodgates or levees are used to manage or prevent water flow into specific land regions. Hydropower and pumped-storage hydroelectricity are often used in conjunction with dams to generate electricity. A dam can also be used to collect water or for storage of water which can be evenly distributed between locations.

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  1. Adm.

  2. AMD

  3. DMA

  4. Mad

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