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  1. configuration, constellation(noun)

    an arrangement of parts or elements

    "the outcome depends on the configuration of influences at the time"

  2. constellation(noun)

    a configuration of stars as seen from the earth

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  1. constellation(Noun)

    An arbitrary formation of stars perceived as a figure or pattern.

  2. constellation(Noun)

    An image associated with a group of stars.

  3. constellation(Noun)

    Any of the 88 officially recognized regions of the sky, including all stars and celestial bodies in the region.

  4. constellation(Noun)

    The configuration of planets at a given time (notably of birth), as used for determining a horoscope.

  5. constellation(Noun)

    A wide, seemingly unlimited assortment.

    A constellation of possibilities.

  6. constellation(Noun)

    a configuration or grouping

    your computer's software constellation helps you do your work faster

  7. Origin: From constellacioun, constillacioun, from constellation, from constellatio, from con + stella

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  1. Constellation(noun)

    a cluster or group of fixed stars, or dvision of the heavens, designated in most cases by the name of some animal, or of some mythologial personage, within whose imaginary outline, as traced upon the heavens, the group is included

  2. Constellation(noun)

    an assemblage of splendors or excellences

  3. Constellation(noun)

    fortune; fate; destiny

  4. Origin: [F. constellation, L. constellatio.]

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  1. Constellation

    In modern astronomy, a constellation is an internationally defined area of the celestial sphere. These areas are grouped around asterisms, which are patterns formed by prominent stars within apparent proximity to one another on Earth's night sky. There are also numerous historical constellations not recognized by the IAU or constellations recognized in regional traditions of astronomy or astrology, such as Chinese, Hindu and Australian Aboriginal.

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  1. constellation

    A number of like satellites that are part of a system. Satellites in a constellation generally have a similar orbit. For example, the Global Positioning System constellation consists of 24 satellites distributed in six orbital planes with similar eccentricities, altitudes, and inclinations. See also Global Positioning System.

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