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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a disk or cylinder having an irregular form such that its motion, usu. rotary, gives a rocking or reciprocating motion to any contiguous part.

    Category: Machinery

Origin of cam:

< D or LG kam, kamm. See comb


  1. a river in E England flowing NE by Cambridge, into the Ouse River. 40 mi. (64 km) long.

    Category: Geography (places)

    Ref: Also called Granta.


  1. computer-aided manufacturing.

    Category: Computers, Business

Origin of CAM:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. Cam, River Cam, Cam River(noun)

    a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River

  2. cam(noun)

    a rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion


  1. Cam(ProperNoun)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Cam(noun)

    a turning or sliding piece which, by the shape of its periphery or face, or a groove in its surface, imparts variable or intermittent motion to, or receives such motion from, a rod, lever, or block brought into sliding or rolling contact with it

  2. Cam(noun)

    a curved wedge, movable about an axis, used for forcing or clamping two pieces together

  3. Cam(noun)

    a projecting part of a wheel or other moving piece so shaped as to give alternate or variable motion to another piece against which it acts

  4. Cam(noun)

    a ridge or mound of earth

  5. Cam(adj)



  1. Cam

    A cam is a rotating or sliding piece in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice-versa. It is often a part of a rotating wheel or shaft that strikes a lever at one or more points on its circular path. The cam can be a simple tooth, as is used to deliver pulses of power to a steam hammer, for example, or an eccentric disc or other shape that produces a smooth reciprocating motion in the follower, which is a lever making contact with the cam.

Anagrams of CAM

  1. AMC

  2. CMA

  3. mca

  4. mac, Mac, Mac., MAC

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unable to speak; dumb.

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