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Princeton's WordNet

  1. beta(noun)

    the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet

  2. Beta, genus Beta(adj)


  3. beta(adj)

    second in order of importance

    "the candidate, considered a beta male, was perceived to be unable to lead his party to victory"

  4. beta(adj)

    preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product

    "a beta version"; "beta software"


  1. beta(Noun)

    The name of the second letter of the Greek alphabet (u0392, u03B2), preceded by alpha (u0391, u03B1) and followed by gamma, (u0393, u03B3). In modern Greek it represents the voiced labiodental fricative sound of v found in the English words have and vase.

  2. beta(Noun)

    Used in marking scheme: u03B1, u03B2, u03B3 or u03B1+, u03B1, u03B1-, u03B2 etc.

  3. beta(Noun)

    Average sensitivity of a security's price to overall securities market prices.

  4. beta(Noun)

    The phase of development after alpha testing and before launch, in which software, while not complete, has been released to potential users for testing.

  5. beta(Noun)

    A computer program in such phase; a preliminary version.

  6. beta(Noun)

    Information about a route which may aid someone in climbing it.

  7. beta(Noun)

    A beta particle or beta ray.

  8. beta(Noun)

    A beta fish, of the genus Betta.

  9. beta(Noun)

    A beta male.

  10. beta(Verb)

    To preliminarily release computer software for initial testing prior to final release.

  11. beta(Verb)

    To proofread a text, especially fan fiction.

  12. beta(Adjective)

    Identifying a molecular position in an organic chemical compound.

  13. beta(Adjective)

    Designates the second in an order of precedence.

  14. beta(Adjective)

    Preliminary; prerelease. Refers to an incomplete version of a product released for initial testing.

  15. Beta(ProperNoun)


  16. Beta(ProperNoun)

    A scientific caste of people in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

  17. Origin: From βῆτα


  1. BETA

    BETA is a pure object-oriented language originating within the "Scandinavian School" in object-orientation where the first object-oriented language Simula was developed. From a technical perspective, BETA provides several unique features. Classes and Procedures are unified to one concept, a Pattern. Also, classes are defined as properties/attributes of objects. This means that a class cannot be instantiated without an explicit object context. A consequence of this is that BETA supports nested classes. Classes can be virtually defined, much like virtual methods can be in most object-oriented programming languages. Virtual entities are never overwritten; instead they are redefined or specialized. BETA supports the object-oriented perspective on programming and has comprehensive facilities for procedural and functional programming. It has powerful abstraction mechanisms to support identification of objects, classification and composition. BETA is a strongly typed language like Simula, Eiffel and C++, with most type checking done at compile-time. BETA aims to achieve an optimal balance between compile-time type checking and run-time type checking.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. beta

    1. Mostly working, but still under test; usu. used with “in”: in beta. In the Real World, hardware or software systems often go through two stages of release testing: Alpha (in-house) and Beta (out-house?). Beta releases are generally made to a group of lucky (or unlucky) trusted customers. 2. Anything that is new and experimental. “His girlfriend is in beta” means that he is still testing for compatibility and reserving judgment. 3. Flaky; dubious; suspect (since beta software is notoriously buggy).Historical note: More formally, to beta-test is to test a pre-release (potentially unreliable) version of a piece of software by making it available to selected (or self-selected) customers and users. This term derives from early 1960s terminology for product cycle checkpoints, first used at IBM but later standard throughout the industry. Alpha Test was the unit, module, or component test phase; Beta Test was initial system test. These themselves came from earlier A- and B-tests for hardware. The A-test was a feasibility and manufacturability evaluation done before any commitment to design and development. The B-test was a demonstration that the engineering model functioned as specified. The C-test (corresponding to today's beta) was the B-test performed on early samples of the production design, and the D test was the C test repeated after the model had been in production a while.

Anagrams for BETA »

  1. abet

  2. beat

  3. bate


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of BETA in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of BETA in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Brian Mooney:

    We are currently in a beta with several of our merchants and employees, and we will now extend that beta to the public in the next few weeks.

  2. Randy Frederick:

    The thing about those guys is they are typically high-beta, so they tend to go up faster when things are going up and down faster when things are going down.

  3. Zhen Gu:

    Basically we designed this kind of material - a polymer-based material, which can be sensitive to blood sugar level changes, we are trying to mimic the functioning of the beta cells or the vesicles inside the beta cells and they can disrupt once the blood sugar goes up and release insulin quickly.

  4. Laurence Wormald:

    Crowding and herding is the big problem with smart-beta, the illusion of being able to permanently depress the risk on equities through smart-beta or minimum-variance strategies has been very, very appealing, and a lot of money has piled in, but that delusion cannot be kept up because it's based on a strategy that doesn't work when the crowd arrives.

  5. Edmund Shing:

    I feel relatively confident that we have seen the bottom of the oil price. In such a scenario, high-beta (more volatile) plays like smaller oil explorers and service companies are the first to benefit, at these levels, they also become attractive M&A (takeover) targets as it may be cheaper for big companies to buy exploration firms than find new reserves. If oil prices gain, big players will become more confident, accumulate cash, cut capex and look for cheaper reserves.

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