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  1. ASL, American sign language(noun)

    the sign language used in the United States


  1. Argininosuccinate lyase

    ASL is an enzyme that catalyzes the reversible breakdown of argininosuccinate producing the amino acid arginine and dicarboxylic acid fumarate. Located in liver cytosol, ASL is the fourth enzyme of the urea cycle and involved in the biosynthesis of arginine in all species and the production of urea in ureotelic species. Mutations in ASL, resulting low activity of the enzyme, increase levels of urea in the body and result in various side effects. The ASL gene is located on chromosome 7 between the centromere and the long arm at position 11.2, from base pair 64,984,963 to base pair 65,002,090. ASL is related to intragenic complementation.

Anagrams of ASL »

  1. sal, Sal

  2. las

  3. SLA

  4. LSA

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