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or A.S.E.

  1. American Stock Exchange.

    Category: Stock Exchange, Titles, Associations, Organizations


  1. a suffix used in the names of enzymes:


    Category: Affix

Origin of -ase:

extracted from diastase


  1. -ase

    The suffix -ase is used in biochemistry to form names of enzymes. The most common way to name enzymes is to add this suffix onto the end of the substrate, e.g. an enzyme that breaks down peroxides may be called peroxidase; the enzyme that produces telomeres is called telomerase. Sometimes enzymes are named for the function they perform, rather than substrate, e.g. the enzyme that polymerizes DNA into strands is called polymerase; see also reverse transcriptase. This suffix was likeliest extracted from the name of diastase, which was named from Greek διαστασις, "separation".

Anagrams of ASE

  1. AES, aes, EAS, eas, ESA, SAE, SEA, sea

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


any instrument or means which is used for one's own defence or for attacking others

Rifles, arrows, atom bombs and tanks are all weapons; The police are looking for the murder weapon; Surprise is our best weapon.

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