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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

an•trum*ˈæn trəm(n.)(pl.)-tra

  1. a cavity in a body organ, esp. a bony sinus.

    Category: Anatomy

* (-trə)..

Origin of antrum:

1720–30; < NL; L: cave < Gk ántron


Princeton's WordNet

  1. antrum(noun)

    a natural cavity or hollow in a bone


  1. antrum(Noun)

    A bodily cavity, especially one having bony walls, especially one in the sinuses.

  2. Origin: From antrum, from ἄντρον.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Antrum(noun)

    a cavern or cavity, esp. an anatomical cavity or sinus


  1. Antrum

    In biology, antrum is a general term for a cavity or chamber which may have specific meaning in reference to certain organs or sites in the body. The word Antrum can also be used as a surname in certan parts of the world. In vertebrates, it may refer specifically to: ⁕antrum cardiacum, a dilation that occurs in the esophagus near the stomach ⁕antrum follicularum, the cavity in the epithelium that envelops the oocyte ⁕mastoid antrum, a cavity between the middle ear and temporal bone in the skull ⁕pyloric antrum, the initial portion of the pyloric part of the stomach. This is what usually is referred to in terms of "antrum" in stomach related topics. ⁕maxillary antrum or Antrum of Highmore, the maxillary sinus, a cavity in the maxilla and the largest of the paranasal sinuses In invertebrates, it may mean specifically to: ⁕antrum of female lepidoptera genitalia


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