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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

an•tiˈæn taɪ, ˈæn ti(n.)(pl.)-tis.

  1. a person who is opposed to a particular practice, party, policy, action, etc.

Origin of anti:

1780–90; anti -


  1. a prefix meaning “against, opposed to, prejudicial to” (

    anti-abortion; anti-Semitic; antislavery

    anticoagulant; antifreeze

    antiaircraft; antipersonnel

    anticlimax; antihero; antiparticle

    Antichrist; antipope


    Category: Physics, Affix

Origin of anti-:

ME < L < Gk, prefixal use of antí; akin to and

Princeton's WordNet

  1. anti(adj)

    a person who is opposed (to an action or policy or practice etc.)

    "the antis smelled victory after a long battle"

  2. anti(adj)

    not in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)


  1. anti(Noun)

    A person opposed to a concept or principle.

  2. anti(Adjective)

    Describing a torsion angle between 90u00B0 and 180u00B0

  3. anti(Preposition)

    A word used before a noun or noun phrase to indicate opposition to the concept expressed by the noun or noun phrase.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Anti

    a prefix meaning against, opposite or opposed to, contrary, or in place of; -- used in composition in many English words. It is often shortened to ant-; as, antacid, antarctic


  1. ANTI‐

    ANTI- is a USA record label founded in 1999 as a sister label of Epitaph. While Epitaph's focus has shifted over the last decade from mostly punk rock, nowadays ANTI- has a more diverse roster, including: country, hip hop, reggae, soul, indie folk, rap rock, indie rock and Tom Waits. Headed by Andy Kaulkin, ANTI- first gained attention by releasing Tom Waits' Grammy award winning Mule Variations in 1999. Along with Waits, several veteran recording artists such as rhythm and blues singers Solomon Burke, Bettye LaVette and Marianne Faithfull have signed onto ANTI- after leaving other major labels.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


against, as in anti-aircraft .

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