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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

an•aˈæn ə, ˈɑ nə(n.)

  1. a collection of miscellaneous information about a subject, person, place, or thing.

  2. an item in such a collection, as an anecdote.

Origin of ana:

1720–30; independent use of -ana


  1. a prefix occurring orig. in verbs and verbal derivatives borrowed from Greek, usu. denoting upward or backward motion (


    analysis; anatomy

    Category: Affix

    Ref: Also, before a vowel, an-. 3 3

Origin of ana-:

< Gk, comb. form of aná


or -iana

  1. a suffix that forms collective nouns denoting an assembly of items representative of or associated with the place, person, or period named by the stem:

    Americana; Shakespeareana; Victoriana.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Affix

Origin of -ana:

< L, neut. pl. of -ānus -an1


or A.N.A.

  1. American Newspaper Association.

    Category: Titles, Associations, Organizations

  2. American Nurses Association.

    Category: Titles, Associations, Organizations

  3. Association of National Advertisers.

    Category: Titles, Associations, Organizations

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Ana(noun)

    mother of the ancient Irish gods; sometimes identified with Danu

  2. ana(noun)

    a collection of anecdotes about a person or place


  1. ana(Noun)

    Anorexia .

  2. ana(Adverb)

    In a direction analogous to up, but along the additional axis added by the fourth dimension.

  3. Origin: From Greek ἀνά (aná), of each.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ana(adverb)

    of each; an equal quantity; as, wine and honey, ana (or, contracted, aa), / ij., that is, of wine and honey, each, two ounces


  1. Ana

    Ana is a solo album by American guitarist Ralph Towner recorded in 1996 and released on the ECM label.

Anagrams of ANA

  1. naa

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


principal or most important

the central point of his argument.

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