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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

a•li•asˈeɪ li əs(n.; adv.)(pl.)-as•es

  1. (n.)a false name; an assumed name.

  2. (adv.)otherwise called. “Simpson alias Smith”.

Origin of alias:

1525–35; < L: at another time, otherwise; cf. else

Princeton's WordNet

  1. alias, assumed name, false name(adverb)

    a name that has been assumed temporarily

  2. alias, a.k.a., also known as(adverb)

    as known or named at another time or place

    "Mr. Smith, alias Mr. Lafayette"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. alias(noun)ˈeɪ li əs

    a false name

    criminals using aliases

  2. alias(adverb)ˈeɪ li əs

    also using the false name of

    William Smith, alias Dr. Arkin


  1. alias(Noun)

    Another name; an assumed name.

  2. alias(Noun)

    A second or further writ which is issued after a first writ has expired without effect.

  3. alias(Noun)

    An abbreviation that replaces a string of in-game commands and thereby reduces typing when performing routine actions or tasks.

  4. alias(Noun)

    An spurious signal generated as a technological artifact.

  5. alias(Verb)

    To assign an additional name to an entity, often a more user-friendly one.

  6. alias(Verb)

    to become indistinguishable

  7. alias(Adverb)

    Otherwise; at another time; in other circumstances; otherwise called.

  8. Origin: From alias, feminine accusative plural of alius. See else and alien.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Alias(adverb)

    otherwise; otherwise called; -- a term used in legal proceedings to connect the different names of any one who has gone by two or more, and whose true name is for any cause doubtful; as, Smith, alias Simpson

  2. Alias(adverb)

    at another time

  3. Alias(noun)

    a second or further writ which is issued after a first writ has expired without effect

  4. Alias(noun)

    another name; an assumed name


  1. Alias

    Alias is an American action television series created by J. J. Abrams which was broadcast on ABC for five seasons, from September 30, 2001, to May 22, 2006. It stars Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, a CIA agent. The main theme of the series explores Sydney's obligation to conceal her true career from her friends and family, even as she assumes multiple aliases to carry out her missions. These themes are most prevalent in the first two seasons of the show. A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a Renaissance-era character with similarities to both Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus. This plot and some technologies used in the series place Alias into the genre of science fiction. The series was well received among critics and has been included in several "best of" lists. Alias was in the American Film Institute's top ten list for television programs in 2003. The show also received numerous awards and nominations.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


otherwise known as

John Smith, alias Peter Jones.

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