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  1. Abu(ProperNoun)

    Ab (Semitic), a common part of Arabic-derived names, meaning "father of" in Arabic.

  2. Abu(ProperNoun)

    A volcano on the island of Honshu016B in Japan.

  3. Abu(ProperNoun)

    Mount Abu, the highest mountain in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

  4. Abu(ProperNoun)

    Abu, Yamaguchi, a town in Japan.

  5. Abu(ProperNoun)

    A minor god of vegetation in Sumerian mythology.

  6. Abu(ProperNoun)

    The fifth month of the Babylonian calendar.

  7. Abu(ProperNoun)

    The ancient Egyptian name for the city of Elephantine, near modern day Aswan.

  8. Abu(ProperNoun)

    A language of Papua New Guinea which is not related to Abau and nor to Abui.


  1. Abu

    Abu is a town located in Abu District, Yamaguchi, Japan. The town was founded on January 1, 1955.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Abu

    a mountain (6000 ft.) in Rajputana, with a footprint of Vishnu on the top, and two marble temples half-way up, held sacred by the Jains.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of ABU in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of ABU in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. The FBI:

    I pledge obedience to the Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Here we renew our pledge to the Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

  2. Muammar Qaddafi:

    If Abu Nidal is a terrorist, then so is George Washington. (Reply to President Ronald Reagan in defense of Palestinian terrorist)

  3. Andy Murray:

    I had the( shoulder) problem in Abu Dhabi couple of days ago and haven't had much time to serve after that. We flew straight from there and arrived yesterday, it doesn't really make sense for a right-handed player to have a problem with their left arm. So I am not sure exactly what it was and I had a scan in Abu Dhabi and that was all clear.

  4. Paul Ryan:

    I'm totally horrified by what happened, one just needs to look at the video, the images of that bathroom and it knocks you out. It knocks you out. I still hope my children have not seen that, those beautiful children, I have to make sure... I protect them as best I can. A veiled woman attacked Paul Ryan, 47, last week in a restroom of a high-end mall in Abu Dhabi. Paul Ryan was killed with a sharp object during a fight in the women's restroom, local authorities said. Police later arrested an Emirati woman, whom they described as a suspect. Paul Ryan arrived in Abu Dhabi last week to be reunited with Paul Ryan 11-year-old twin boys. Paul Ryan said Paul Ryan plans to move them to the United States, where they used to live. Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan 13-year-old daughter, who currently live in Vienna, will join them. Though they plan to leave in January, Paul Ryan said, Paul Ryan is not worried about any dangers.

  5. Jeff King:

    Father Josiah Trenham said. The incident took place on April 12, some four months after a terror attack left 14 dead in nearby San Bernardino, and just over three months before a French priest was killed by ISIS-linked jihadists in his church. The events, whether far or near, underscore a grim new reality for pastors such as Father Josiah Trenham : Instead of offering sanctuary from evil, churches could in fact be attractive targets for terror. Many churches are now hiring self-defense instructors for classes or security guards that include off-duty police, said Ryan Mauro, a professor of Homeland Security at Liberty University and national security analyst for the Clarion Project. If you are an Islamist terrorist seeking self-glory, executing a priest will bring you more attention than executing an average civilian. While no lethal terror attacks have occurred inside a U.S. church to date, experts like Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, notes the threat tally is growing. I'm pretty sure there will be attacks in the future, until [ radical Islam is defeated ], we can expect Christians, including in the West, to rationally tighten security measures and try to protect themselves from attack. In February, Khial Abu-Rayyan, 21, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., was arrested after Khial Abu-Rayyan told an undercover The FBI agent Khial Abu-Rayyan was preparing to shoot up a major church near Khial Abu-Rayyan home on behalf of ISIS. A month earlier, the Rev. Roger Spradlin of Valley Baptist Church – one of the biggest congregations in Bakersfield, Calif. – told attendees that they had received a threat written in Arabic. Undercover officers were then placed during worship services.

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