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Norma Capital CompanyThe core of any Norma is its Capital Company. It could be an onshore or offshore company and any account holder (member) of the specific Norma could also be offshore and onshore as is necessary for the proper functioning of the Norma.
NUCLEUS NORMAIt is the Consolidator of a single System and Structure (i.e. the Systruct) that includes many worlds. It is a separate organization and not an association. It is structured in the same manner as any other Norma but each Nucleus has the typical Ka Tota triangulation structure. The Nucleus is the Norma that supplies the franchise that will transform a Capital Company into a Norma. This franchise establishes a Central Norma and from the authority derived from the Nucleus, the Central Norma then extends the franchise to Resident Normas, who in turn extend the franchise to Project Normas and to Cottage Normas.
NormaA Norma is a body of individual enterprises (or organizations) that comply with the application of the Ka Tota Philosophy. They operate from a purified capitalist system. A Cottage Norma means a Norma that serves a smaller community in the nation it is established in. A Project Norma means that Norma established to serve a larger area than that of the cottage Norma in the same nation as its cottage Norma. A Resident Norma means a Norma established to serve nationwide or statewide (as it may apply in the USA) in the same nation as its cottage Norma and project Norma. A Central Norma means a Norma established to serve the entire world through Resident Normas, Project Normas and Cottage Normas. A Nucleus Norma means that Norma established to serve Central Normas. Since one central Norma is a world, a Nucleus creates many worlds along the lines of the United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activity. Many central Normas served by the same nucleus Norma constitute a universe.
Ka Tota WorldIt is a series of structured organizations (Normas) trading in several nations under the same brand or brands, having the same structure, same system, and producing and selling the same products and reporting to the same worldwide head office, called the Central Norma. A single world comprises a Central Norma, its Residence Normas which include Project Normas and Cottage Normas.
Philanthropic InvestmentAn action rooted in an individual’s or foundation’s generosity and altruistic concern to promote good or improve human quality of life that devotes, uses, or gives money, time, talent, emotional energy, etc., over an extended period of time, to gain social returns defined by a specific objective, purpose or result.
meribah corporation incthe name “meribah” has different meanings for different people. the meribah corporation is a global organization with a calling to make this world a better place. only God almighty can do this. for all involved in the diverse activities of the corporation “meribah” is a declaration of absolute obedience to God. together, our testimony is “God’s will; nothing less, nothing more, nothing else – at all costs”. www.meribah.org has more detail.
capithe coalescence of authority, power and influence
accelerated corporate developmentit comprise a customized decision support system wrapped into an accelerated corporate development program allowing decision makers to make the right decisions that will assure they reach their pre-determined goals because they use all the relevant scientific laws and principles in the manner they should, not missing critical decision criteria. this system is built for the subscriber with the subscriber and then putting the subscriber in control of the system – not creating dependence (like consultants do) but creating proficiency by transferring knowledge and competency.
customized decision support systemguidance, based on business intelligence, assisting decision makers to make the best possible decision to meet his/her particular challenge
buying decision toola decision instrument used by consumers (the public) to buy goods and services to make decisions on suppliers based on best value-for-money and best cost-to-performance criteria – choosing suppliers posing the least risk (usually concealed)

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