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Vendoxthe most well-known symbol of Astronism. A vendox symbol is characterised by the depiction of a blank book in the centre of two strips almost circularly encompassing it entirely which then extend upwards vertically and between which six stars are often depicted.
Universalityan instrument of study pertaining to a particular conception of The Universe, its nature, its ontology, its existentiality, and its interactionality with other realms of existence in the Astronic cosmology.
Uniquitarianismthe central ontological position of Astronism holding that all sentient beings hold a state of consciousness and mentality known as uniquity which is intrinsically linked to their destiny. Essentially, the nature of being in Astronism is therefore entirely considered through this understanding of uniquity. Uniquitarianism first originated as the Astronist response to complementarianism and egalitarianism from which it developed to become the primary ontological position of Astronism.
Unique Waythe Astronist response to the Buddhist doctrine of the Middle Way holding that unique combination of indulgence, moderation, and asceticism will be sought after and implemented by every single individual due to their uniqueness rather than a “one size fits all” doctrine in which the masses are ascribed with a set of general principles for them to form in uniformity.
Uncreatednessthe Astronist cosmological belief holding that due to the infinite nature of The Universe, it couldn’t have been created which would automatically deny its infinite nature; this is known as the problem of the createdness of The Universe. As a reaction to this, uncreatedness states that The Universe was not created by The Divine, but has instead always existed, but is nonetheless sustained by The Divine and is dependent upon The Divine for its continued existence, thus still adhering to the belief of subordinationism.
Triadisma major Astronist cosmological belief regarding the nature of The Universe predicated upon three essential notions, the first of which is uncreatedness of The Universe, the second of which is the divine sustainment of The Universe, and the third of which is divine omnicreativity which, when considered together, create the triadic formulation.
Transtellationisma major Astronist eschatological school encompassing a wide variety of beliefs and concepts involving some supernatural element and is therefore distinguished from the other Astronist eschatological schools. Transtellationism is the most broad of all the schools in terms of the variety of beliefs within it, the most prominent of which is transtellationism itself which notionises that upon our corporeal deaths our souls transmigration either to The Cosmos as a whole, usually referred to as “the stars”, or to a particular cosmic progeny or phenomena.
Transcensionismthe belief orientation derived from the notion of transcension and an Astronist eschatological school holding that it is humanity existential purpose and destiny to explore space and that without humanity’s commitment to its advancement towards space, that humanity will not achieve improvements in our knowledge, spirituality, intellectuality, physicality, and mentality. Essentially, transcensionism is predicated upon the notion that the endeavour of space exploration provides humanity with existential purpose without the need for the involvement of a God or the afterlife. Important to transcensionism is both corporeal cosmosis and contributionism.
Transcensionthe notion that humanity’s exploration of space will lead to advancements in our physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual abilities and knowledges and that space exploration for the purpose of transcending is humanity's existential purpose.
Tiritionthe process of the means by which Astronism is spread through non-commercial and non-advertising means (see promulgation). Tirition can be considered the equivalent of religious missionary work with a distinctly philosophic identity.

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