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marketing directorA person with the necessary and vital ability, experience, qualifications, vision and skills to direct and manage a marketing campaign or other form of marketing according to the their employment contract, job description and person specification.
free online English literacy courseA type of free online English literacy course created to teach English as a foreign language with a certified course, curriculum and certificate, accessible to every type of language from every country on planet earth with the necessary and vital visual translator, translation, interpretation and technology.
English reading lessonsA type of lesson created to teach a person in a structured and accessible way to learn English.
rocketA type of aircraft or component of a spacecraft or space vehicle created and designed in various colors, engine, materials, mechanisms, shapes, sizes, styles, systems and technology created for use by a space agency for sending spacecraft or a space vehicle into space for various peaceful space projects or for scientific research projects.
foot-operatedOperated by the use or movement of a foot.
pedalsPlural noun and verb form of the word pedal.
fluoriteA type of mineral created in various colors.
drizzleRain in fine particles.
infiniteAn amount, number or resource that can be easily renewed.
marbleA type of spherical ball created and designed in various colors, materials and sizes and used for various purposes.

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