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rivetRivet (noun)a condition to fasten or attract someone attention.
rainstormRainstorm (noun) is a strong wind and rainfall.
margarineMargarine (noun)is a yellowish oil that used in baking or cooking.
prostituteProstitute (noun) a man or woman that engage to immoral way of living in exchange for easy or large amount of money.
unmarriedUnmarried (adj.) is a person who lives in a celibacy.
full-blownFull-blown (adj.) is having the qualities of a noble person.
kingfisherKingfisher (noun)a type of bird that catches only fish.
protonProton (noun)is a small part of an atom that has a positive electrical charge.
tiepinTiepin (noun)a decorative pin worn to clutch the ends of a necktie in place
chameleonChameleon (noun) a kind of lizard that changes the color when enemy approach.

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