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Death With Dignity: I'm writing this quote in regards to the Death With Dignity laws across Michigan, America, and the world. I noticed Michigan failed to pass the Death With Dignity legislation back in 2017. I am a firm believer that everyone should have the right to die when and how they want so long as it's morally right to do so. Whether they're terminally ill, mentally ill, chronically ill, or they're suffering in some unjust way. Maybe they're suffering because their homeless, poor, old, or depressed. Maybe they suffer because they have no friends or family and they're lonely. Whatever their circumstance is they should have the right to die in a humane way. Only if you have a criminal record or your living an unjust life style should you be excluded from this human right. You don't want criminals and people living unjust life styles being rewarded for their bad behaviors. Any person that commits a crime/ behavior/act that unjustly harms another living life/living should automatically disqualify them from this human right. Death With Dignity is only for those who live just lives. I personally have been disabled since birth. I have more than a handful of mental illnesses and I also have several chronic illnesses. I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, interstitial cystitis, gastritis, obsessive compulsive disorder, GERD, learning disabilities, severe PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem problems, and an inferiority complex. I'm in uncontrollable pain all day everyday. I have very limited functioning and I suffer intensely due to each of my illnesses. It is morally necessary for me to have the option to die when and how I want and to do it in a humane way. It is the right of all living things who suffer unjust pain to die when they want to. You are not the one suffering I am, and therefore you have no moral right to tell me when I can and cannot die. You will go home to your families and I will suffer all alone. You will turn your backs on me when I'm at my illest because you lack compassion, respect, integrity, justice and mercy for my circumstance and I will have to suffer for it.You are not a criminal for helping the ill die in a humane way, you are a criminal for letting those who are ill suffer. You are not cruel for helping the ill die, you are only cruel when you sit there and watch people suffer unjust pain and do nothing. It is not a human rights violation to humanely assist a suicide or euthanize people when they're suffering, however it is a human rights violation when you let them suffer unfair pain. You are not a criminal for humanely helping someone die when they're ill and don't want to continue on with their lives, you are only a criminal if you unjustly cause harm to someone's life. You take your dog and cat to the vet when they're ill to euthanize them so they don't suffer. You should show the same empathy, compassion, mercy, and respect to your fellow humans as you do for animals. You should show integrity, justice, courage, compassion, mercy, respect, love, and peace to all living things so long as they deserve it.

Ryan Pack

added by littleking
1 year ago

I was raised a Roman Catholic and had to go to the eight o'clock Mass every morning and have communion and wear a tie, kind of like a restricted life style. Then in the '60s, we got wild and let it go and started looking in other places to see where God really was, and I came back to the Christian thing.

Roger McGuinn

added by RobertHaigh
1 year ago

The risk of overall death and death from chronic diseases in the young adults ages that we studied( up to a maximum of 50 years) is very low. I would encourage anyone born before full term to let their doctor know if they are born preterm so that adequate risk assessments can be performed and life style changes and treatments can be applied appropriately to prevent chronic diseases.

Kari Risnes

Found on CNN
2 years ago

Chinese audiences seem to enjoy content that has strong family and community value, or content that depicts themselves or their dream life-style.

Kevin Niu

Found on Reuters
4 years ago

No drugs, doctors, or treatments will cure life style

H.W. Mann

added by howardmann
5 years ago

The IAAF is in discussion with Nestle concerning the final year of its five-year partnership with IAAF Kids’ Athletics, this has been a successful program with 15 million kids aged 7 to 12 years in 76 countries taking part in fun team activities which promotes a healthy, active life style.


Found on Reuters
7 years ago

We cannot force our self to stay longer with something,situation or with the person who we don't really like . The best decision is to move on so then we can stay happy with our life style.


added by Gabzelia Nathan
8 years ago

Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom.

Don DeLillo

added by anonymous
12 years ago

Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect.

Hunter S. Thompson

added by anonymous
12 years ago

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