What does wrack mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wrack(noun)

    dried seaweed especially that cast ashore

  2. wrack, rack(noun)

    the destruction or collapse of something

    "wrack and ruin"

  3. sea wrack, wrack(verb)

    growth of marine vegetation especially of the large forms such as rockweeds and kelp

  4. bust up, wreck, wrack(verb)

    smash or break forcefully

    "The kid busted up the car"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wrack(noun)

    a thin, flying cloud; a rack

  2. Wrack(verb)

    to rack; to torment

  3. Wrack(noun)

    wreck; ruin; destruction

  4. Wrack(noun)

    any marine vegetation cast up on the shore, especially plants of the genera Fucus, Laminaria, and Zostera, which are most abundant on northern shores

  5. Wrack(noun)

    coarse seaweed of any kind

  6. Wrack(verb)

    to wreck

  7. Origin: [OE. wrak wreck. See Wreck.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Wrack

    Rack, rak, n. a term loosely given to various seaweeds, esp. to the Fucaceæ, common on British shores, long valuable as a source of kelp, and utilised as manure: shipwreck: ruin.—adj. Wrack′ful, destructive. [Lit. 'something cast ashore,' A.S. wræc, exile, misery—wrecan, to drive, urge. Wrack is a doublet of wreck.]

  2. Wrack

    rak, by-form of wreck.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. wrack

    The English name for the fucus; the sea-weed used for the manufacture of kelp, and in some places artificially grown for that purpose.

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