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Princeton's WordNet

  1. whale sucker, whalesucker, Remilegia australis(noun)

    large blue Pacific remora that attaches to whales and dolphins


  1. whalesucker(Noun)

    A tropical species of remora, Remora australis, that attaches exclusively to cetaceans


  1. Whalesucker

    The whalesucker, Remora australis, is a species of remora in the family Echeneidae, so named because it attaches itself exclusively to cetaceans. It is found worldwide in tropical and warm waters; in the western Atlantic Ocean it occurs from Texas to Brazil, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean it occurs from Vancouver Island to Chile. It is the rarest member of the remora family, though this may reflect more the uncommon collection of cetaceans in the wild rather than the whalesucker's actual abundance. The adhesive disk atop the head of the whalesucker is the largest amongst the remoras, bearing 25-28 lamellae and measuring 47-59% of the standard length. The head itself measures 26-28% of the standard length. The dorsal fin rays number 23-26, the anal fin rays 24-26, and the pectoral fin rays 22-24. The jaws contain numerous large, stout canine teeth; the palatine and lingual patches are absent, and there are 17-20 gill rakers. The coloration is uniform brown, dark brown, or greyish-brown on the head, trunk, and fins. Whalesuckers observed off Fernando de Noronha ranged from light grey to slate grey, with lighter fin margins. The smaller individuals are barred or blotched, while individuals over 35 cm long have yellowish fins. The maximum known length is 76 cm.

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