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  1. Turco

    The Turco, Turchi, Turci or sometimes Turco dei De Castello family's rise to prominence originated in 12th-century Asti, Italy, and later the surrounding comunes of Frinco, Mombercelli, Montemagno, Tonco, Viale, and in part Barbaresco, Neive, Revigliasco d'Asti and Savigliano. They are considered one of the "Casane Astigiane", the major familial banking "houses" that powered the economy of medioeval Asti. Their accession to noble status can be traced to their increased wealth through banking, lending and property investment, starting in the 11th and 12th centuries. They were renowned as Ghibelline supporters throughout the Middle Ages. Their economic prestige dropped at the end of the 16th century and the family eventually fell from nobility. They are currently regaining their status as upper-class individuals through high education and hard work.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Turco

    tur′kō, n. a popular name for one of the Tirailleurs AlgĂ©riens, a body of native Algerian troops recruited for the French service.


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    The numerical value of turco in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of turco in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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