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  1. structural gene(noun)

    a gene that controls the production of a specific protein or peptide


  1. structural gene

    A structural gene is a gene that codes the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain, essentially encoding a specific protein or peptide. These genes are responsible for the physical traits of an organism, contributing to the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs. Unlike regulatory genes which control or influence a cell's functions such as the rate of gene expression, structural genes are directly expressed in the phenotype.


  1. Structural gene

    A structural gene is a gene that codes for any RNA or protein product other than a regulatory factor. It may code for a structural protein, an enzyme, or an RNA molecule not involved in regulation. Structural genes represent an enormous variety of protein structures and functions, including structural proteins, enzymes with catalytic activities and so on. These genes are needed for the morphological or functional traits of the cell. In eukaryotes, these occur in spilt-form, segmented into introns and exons. But prokaryotes, these are continuous. The structural genes are concerned with the synthesis of a polypeptide chain or a number of polypeptide chains and are also concerned with the synthesis of different types of RNA required during protein synthesis. Structural genes are different from regulatory or promoter genes, as they serve the significant purpose of actually transcribing for proteins. In the Lac-Operon concept, these genes are associated with the synthesis of those enzymes that are needed for the catabolism of Lactose. In lac-operon, there are three structural genes: a. Lac Z gene for beta-galactosidase enzyme. b. Lac Y gene for permease enzyme.

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