What does singlet oxygen mean?

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  1. singlet oxygen(Noun)

    A metastable state of molecular oxygen that has a slightly higher energy than normal triplet oxygen, and is more chemically reactive.


  1. Singlet oxygen

    Singlet oxygen is the common name used for an electronically excited state of molecular oxygen, which is less stable than the normal triplet oxygen. Because of its unusual properties, singlet oxygen can persist for over an hour at room temperature, depending on the environment. Because of differences in their electron shells, singlet and triplet oxygen differ in their chemical properties. Singlet oxygen is highly reactive. Singlet oxygen is usually generated with a photosensitizer pigment. The damaging effects of sunlight on many organic materials are often attributed to the effects of singlet oxygen. In photodynamic therapy, singlet oxygen is produced to kill cancer cells. The blue color of liquid and solid O2 is actually due to the simultaneous excitation by a single photon of two O2 molecules from their ground states to their excited states, in which the associated energy absorbed corresponds to absorption of light in the red to green region of the visible part of the spectrum, thus the reflected color of liquid and solid O2 appears blue.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Singlet Oxygen

    An excited state of molecular oxygen generated photochemically or chemically. Singlet oxygen reacts with a variety of biological molecules such as NUCLEIC ACIDS; PROTEINS; and LIPIDS; causing oxidative damages.


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