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Princeton's WordNet

  1. set decoration(noun)

    a decoration used as part of the set of a theatrical or movie production


  1. set decoration

    The set decorator is the head of the set decoration department in the film and television industry, responsible for selecting, designing, fabricating, and sourcing the "set dressing" elements of each set in a Feature Film, Television, or New Media episode or commercial, in support of the story and characters of the script. The set decorator is responsible for each décor element inside the sets, from practical lighting, technology, art, furniture, drapery, floor coverings, books, collectables, to exterior furnishings such as satellite dishes, Old West water troughs, streetlamps, traffic lights, garden furniture and sculptures. While the Set Decorator provides all of these elements, the Propmaster provides elements that are handled by the actor. For example: a library is decorated with set dressing such as the furniture, books, desk lamp, blotter, framed photos, personal effects, letter trays, letter opener, papers, paper files. The Propmaster provides the props – the letter the actor is opening and reading, the pen he writes with, and the ink into which he dips his pen.


  1. set decoration

    Set decoration refers to the process of designing and arranging the physical objects and elements that make up the setting or environment of a theater, film, television production, or any form of visual storytelling. This involves the selection, design, and placement of furniture, props, scenery, and other aesthetic elements to create a specific visual look or atmosphere that supports the narrative and the artistic vision of the director. The person responsible for this task is often known as the set decorator.

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