What does rhomb mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rhombus, rhomb, diamond(noun)

    a parallelogram with four equal sides; an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram


  1. rhomb(Noun)

    A rhombus

  2. rhomb(Noun)

    Plural form of rhombus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rhomb(noun)

    an equilateral parallelogram, or quadrilateral figure whose sides are equal and the opposite sides parallel. The angles may be unequal, two being obtuse and two acute, as in the cut, or the angles may be equal, in which case it is usually called a square

  2. Rhomb(noun)

    a rhombohedron

  3. Origin: [L. rhombus, Gr. "ro`mbos rhomb, a spinning top, magic wheel, fr. "re`mbein to turn or whirl round, perhaps akin to E. wrench: cf. F. rhombe. Cf. Rhombus, Rhumb.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rhomb

    romb, n. a quadrilateral figure having its sides equal but its angles not right angles: (crystal.) a rhombohedron: (Milt.) a material circle—also Rhom′bus.—adj. Rhom′bic.—ns. Rhombicosidodecahē′dron, a solid having sixty-two faces; Rhombicuboctahē′dron, a solid having twenty-six faces.—adjs. Rhom′biform, Rhom′boid, shaped like a rhomb.—Fresnel's rhomb, a rhomb of crown glass so cut that a ray of light entering one of its faces at right angles shall emerge at right angles at the opposite face, after undergoing two total reflections. [L. rhombus—Gr. rhombosrhembein, to turn round and round.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. rhomb

    A vertical circle of any given place, or the intersection of a part of such a circle with the horizon. Rhumbs, therefore, coincide with points of the world, or of the horizon; and hence seamen distinguish the rhumbs by the same names as the points and winds, as marked on the fly or card of the compass. The rhumb-line, therefore, is a line prolonged from any point of the compass in a nautical chart, except the four cardinal points; or it is a line which a ship, keeping in the same collateral point or rhumb, describes throughout its whole course.


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