What does phytochemistry mean?

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  1. phytochemistry(Noun)

    The scientific study of the chemicals found in plants.

  2. phytochemistry(Noun)

    The collection of chemicals and chemical processes found in a particular plant.

    The phytochemistry of mosses is very different from that of other plants.

  3. Origin: From phyto- "plant" + chemistry

Webster Dictionary

  1. Phytochemistry(noun)

    chemistry in its relation to vegetable bodies; vegetable chemistry

  2. Origin: [Phyto- + chemistry.]


  1. Phytochemistry

    Phytochemistry is in the strict sense of the word the study of phytochemicals. These are chemicals derived from plants. In a narrower sense the terms are often used to describe the large number of secondary metabolic compounds found in plants. Many of these are known to provide protection against insect attacks and plant diseases. They also exhibit a number of protective functions for human consumers. Phytochemistry can be considered sub-fields of Botany or Chemistry. Activities can be led in botanical gardens or in the wild with the aid of Ethnobotany. The applications of the discipline can be for Pharmacognosy, or the discovery of new drugs, or as an aid for plant physiology studies.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Phytochemistry

    fī-tō-kem′is-tri, n. the chemistry of plants—also Phy′tochimy.—adj. Phytochem′ical.


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