What does photogravure mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. photogravure(noun)

    printing from an intaglio plate prepared by photographic methods

  2. gravure, photogravure, heliogravure(noun)

    an intaglio print produced by gravure

  3. photogravure, rotogravure(noun)

    using photography to produce a plate for printing


  1. photogravure(Noun)

    An intaglio process for printing photographic reproductions in newspapers and books.

  2. photogravure(Noun)

    A print so made.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Photogravure(noun)

    a photoengraving; also, the process by which such a picture is produced

  2. Origin: [F.]


  1. Photogravure

    Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking or photo-mechanical process whereby a copper plate is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, resulting in a high quality intaglio print that can reproduce the detail and continuous tones of a photograph.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Photogravure

    fō′tō-grā-vūr, n. a method of producing by means of photography and the action of acids on a sensitised surface a kind of mezzo-engraving on metal. [Fr.,—Gr. phōs, light, Fr. gravure, engraving.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Photogravure

    a process of reproducing pictures from the negative of a photograph on a gelatine surface with the assistance of certain chemical preparations.


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