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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Orectolobus, genus Orectolobus(noun)

    carpet sharks


  1. Orectolobus

    Orectolobus is a genus of carpet sharks in the family Orectolobidae. They are commonly known as wobbegongs, although this name also applies to the other members of the family. They are found in shallow temperate and tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean and eastern Indian Ocean, chiefly around Australia and Indonesia, although one species occurs as far north as Japan. They have a mottled or spotted cryptic pattern, and have elongated dermal lobes in the region near the mouth. Most have a maximum length of 1.25 metres or less, but two species, O. halei and O. maculatus, reach approximately 3 metres. These ambush predators are sluggish and typically seen resting on the seafloor, and at least some species are nocturnal. While usually harmless to humans, they have been known to bite, but generally only if stepped on, approached too closely or provoked.


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