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Princeton's WordNet

  1. naumachy, naumachia(noun)

    a naval spectacle; a mock sea battle put on by the ancient Romans


  1. naumachy(Noun)

    A place built to stage a mock sea-battle, or the show performed therein.

  2. Origin: From naumachie and its source, naumachia.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Naumachy(n.s.)

    A mock sea fight.

  2. Origin: naumachie, Fr. naumachia, Latin.


  1. naumachy

    Naumachy refers to an ancient Roman spectacle representing a naval battle, often performed in a specially constructed basin or body of water. It can also refer to the place where such spectacles were held. The term originated from the Greek words "naus" meaning ship, and "machē" translating to battle.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Naumachy(noun)

    a naval battle; esp., a mock sea fight

  2. Naumachy(noun)

    a show or spectacle representing a sea fight; also, a place for such exhibitions

  3. Origin: [L. naumachia, Gr. naymachi`a; nay^s ship + ma`chh fight, battle, ma`chesqai to fight.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Naumachy

    naw′ma-ki, n. a sea-fight: a show representing a sea-fight.—Also Naumach′ia. [Gr. naus, a ship, machē, a fight.]

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